The Miami Native is a new magazine in print and online. We publish serious writing about an unserious city. Our aim is to articulate the existential stakes of Miami for its locals and translate them for the Miami-curious elsewhere. We feature longform essays, profiles, reviews, fiction, poetry, and chisme (gossip), giving voice to the city’s sensibility as it inevitably evolves. Our pieces are always Miami-relevant, in spirit if not in content, and so are our writers.


Chisme are two-hundred-word-or-fewer mentions about goings-on in Miami. Like the city itself, they can be sordid, sincere, or both.

Report to us with Local Characters, New Attachments, Old Wounds, Unspeakable Truths, Poorly-Kept Secrets, Premonitions, Parties, Winds of Change, Hotspots, Forgotten Spots, Scams, Schemes, Shocking Sights, Inside Scoops, Openings, Closings, Feuds, Thoughtful Reviews, Thoughtless Encounters, Favorite Brands, Objects of Desire…

Anonymity optional. Our favorite submissions will be featured in print.

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Calling all...

Locals/Exiles; New Transplants/Old Denizens; Insiders/Outsiders; Tax Evaders/Tech Escapers; It Girls/Uber Drivers; Party Givers/Party Goers; Mothers/Mediators; Cash Cleaners/(Ex)Communists; Fabulists/The Overly-Frank; Early Retirees/Eternal Hustlers; Raw Foodies/Realists; Bouncers/The Bounced; Lamborghini Renters/Porsche Owners; First Wives/Second Husbands; Socialites/Santeros; Cuban Bubbes/Jewish Abuelas/Haitian Grannis/Jamaican Granns; Iguanas in a Human Costume (We Don’t Judge).

For pitches on miami's...

Boom/Bust; Good/Bad Ideas; Sea Levels/Securities; Developers/Distress; Depths/Superficialities; Excess/Want; American Dreams/Nightmares; Spectacular Failures/Implausible Successes; Scandals/Satire; Worst/Best; Flora/Founders; Ancient Curses/Novel Luck; Infrastructure/Chaos; Little Stories/Big Ones; Artists/Authors; Evolution/Regress; Suburbs/Islands; Accidents/Plans; Broken Promises/Prophecies; Modesty/Immodesty; Holy and Unholy Dreams…

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Cliché, Needless Provocation, Political Coherence, Office Talk, Pearl Clutching, Articles about Other Articles, The Culture Wars, and Anything Unsuitable to Read At the Beach.

pitches can be...

Drafts, Tips, Proposals, Scoops, Whispers, Concepts, Critiques, or Introductions.

When in doubt, send a two-to-four paragraph explanation of your idea and we will respond with feedback. All pitches must be Miami-relevant, in tone or topic.

If you're not a writer, but have a story that you think we should know about, email us anyway.

Please send pitches, or complete short stories and poems to editors@miaminativemag.com


editor in chief

Grazie Sophia Christie

executive editor

Ginevra Lily Davis

Chisme editor

Alexa Ferrer

Community editor

Mara Barracca

objet architect

Carenina Corr


Alex Drosin

Spiritual home

Riverset Studios

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Asimov Collective

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