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La Letra

Reno Reeves Reads the Heavens

Reno Reeves
November 14, 2023

Included in this premiere edition of “La Letra” is a general breakdown of the unique dynamics of the lunation cycles (each New and Full Moon) occurring in coming months, as well as several key dates to be mindful of as the seasons unfold.

As a disclaimer, this is an extremely broad, general synthesis of pending planetary activity, and the ultimate impact on each individual is unique and depends on the precise measure of one’s own natal astrological signature.


Two principal divine forces focused heavily upon in this synthesis are the Sun & Moon, otherwise known as “the luminaries.”

The Moon represents instinctive emotional responses, habits, needs, the home, the past, the mother or key maternal influences, psychic conditioning and pretense, the subconscious, the yin.

The Sun represents the ego/identity, self-knowledge/development, the actualization of the soul impulse and unique individual essence, the father or key paternal influences, individual creative expression, the present, conscious awareness, the yang.

A New Moon occurs when both the Sun and Moon are in conjunction. A New Moon represents the initiation of new cycles, which create new opportunities to plant and develop seeds of intention. This moon heralds a fresh start with new beginnings to manifest on the material level.

A Full Moon occurs when both the Sun and Moon are in opposition. A Full Moon is a most magical time of both heightened emotion and awareness, a time of illumination and revealing what is hidden. This moon can often prompt realization and release, sometimes heralding the culmination of a cycle, and awakening within us great awareness.

November 2023

As the month of November begins, we are likely to find ourselves very much still under the influence of October 28th’s Full Moon. We will be reviewing and negotiating the quality of our relationship to currency, both in a financial (Moon in Taurus) and metaphysical (Sun in Scorpio) sense. This lunar cycle will prompt intense reflection upon the quality of the material and emotional security we have (or have not) established. We will see a dazzling array of opportunities for growth, and “taking stock” of our capacities to generate abundance. This Full Moon was also positioned quite closely to Jupiter—the planet of expansion, increase, evolution as well as wisdom—suggesting a magnification and abundance of emotions, relative to both individual (Taurus) and shared (Scorpio) value systems specifically.

The traditional rulers of Taurus and Scorpio are Venus and Mars, respectively, which can be described as the “forces of attraction.” According to many mythological associations, Venus (Goddess of Love) and Mars (God of War), are known as “the lovers” / “the divine pairing” / “the sacred marriage.” Finally, Scorpio is also the sign of intimate collaboration, ruling sexuality, and more specifically, intercourse in both a physical and emotional context. It also represents the experience of rebirth: endings, death, termination, destruction for reconstruction, regeneration and ultimately renewal are all signature staples of this sign.

We will continue to explore themes of cooperation, value systems, shared resources and equality as both Mars and Venus will transit their home signs of Scorpio and Libra respectively as the month develops.

Key Dates

November 8: Venus departs service-oriented Virgo (sign of routine, improvement, service) for a fresh mani / pedi in Libra (sign of interpersonal equality, balance, cooperation).

November 9: Venus will couple up with the Moon—together in Libra—which can perhaps prompt a super sweet interlude / moments of beauty for some.

November 13: The very early morning hours of the day will herald an intensely passionate New Moon in sultry, seductive Scorpio.

November 24: Mars switches gears from stalking exes via IG stories in Scorpio to the pursuit of philosophical ideals in Sagittarius.

November 27: The evening of the day boasts a frenetic Full Moon in curious, communicative Gemini.

Finally, a note of warning. Just because you or I are perhaps conscious of the impact of the heavens, the same can’t necessarily be said for those in our orbit—be careful who you dialogue with as this Full Moon occurs, particularly if it involves signatures, finalizing agreements or contracts.

“If you don't have darkness, you don't know light.”
—Elizabeth Taylor

“…Love is a battlefield…”

“I am, by calling, a dealer in words; and words are, of course, the most powerful drug used by mankind.”

“Words kill, words give life; afruit—you choose.”
—Proverbs 18:21

December 2023

The very first day of December begins with some rather challenging discourse between a delicate, temperamental Moon in Cancer (emotional security / subjectivity) opposite Pluto in Capricorn, both in a square to Venus in Libra (inclination for objectivity, equality and harmony in partnership) asking for an audit of the authenticity of our relationships, in both a personal and professional context. This symbolizes the urge to restructure our distribution of power, as well as our drive to succeed and the effort we assert in pursuit of our ambitions. The Full Moon in Cancer reminds us that authentic change comes from within, and asks us to listen carefully and cautiously to the wisdom of our feelings, offering rich possibilities of emotional restoration through removal of inauthentic, oppressive and restrictive patterns of relating. Where have our value systems (Venus) or senses of harmony (Libra) faced corruption (Pluto) or limitation (Capricorn)?

There may be senses of sociological dissonance and emotional unrest which breathe with a distinct palpability—ultimately, moments in time where we are likely to incur some developmental tension and the propensity for provocation of power struggles here is punctuated in the skies. Tread lightly.

Key Dates

December 4: In the evening, Venus casts aside the plush pastels with which she effortlessly adorns her coiffed silhouette while in sign of Libra, segueing into Scorpio.

December 12: The evening will introduce an expansive, abundant, adventurous New Moon in Sagittarius (sign of vision, perspective, expansion of consciousness.)

Note: In lower vibrations, Sagittarius can be narrow-minded, judgmental, prejudiced and insensitive, operating with limited, one-sided vision, likely apt to spew orchestras of opinionated dogma. However, this New Moon will offer opportunities to shift and realign consciousness, and explore alternative avenues of thought.

December 13: Mercury will start his third and final retrograde of the year, beginning in practical, business-oriented Capricorn and later shifting backwards into Sagittarius.

December 22: Welcomes this year’s Winter Solstice.

December 24: A day which, for many, is typically one of the most magical in all of the year’s calendar. The Moon will transit Gemini.

December 26: The evening makes exact a Full Moon in caring, compassionate and oftentimes hypersensitive Cancer.

December 29: Venus emerges from the shadows of Scorpio, departing gleefully from the darkness as she unlaces her corset, and gets ready to hit the road in sunny, nature-loving Sagittarius.

On the final day of 2023, the Moon in Virgo opposes Saturn in Pisces, suggesting the final hours of this year may be met with varying degrees of frustration as we seek to balance our needs (Moon) and responsibilities (Saturn). Carefully take note of and consider your emotional responses and try to refrain from a need to critique or “nit-pick” yourself or others. Additionally, as Mercury has yet to resume direct motion, and is sure to keep us on our toes, the stars also advise to maintain the integrity of your passport, double or triple-check travel plans and keep your eyes on the road ahead.

“…Effort and courage are not enough without purpose and direction, for, as Socrates told us, ‘If a man does not know to what port he is sailing, no wind is favorable.’”

“At the moment, I can only note that the past is beautiful because one never realizes an emotion at the time. It expands later and thus we don't have complete emotions about the present, only about the past.”
—Virginia Woolf

“Through his spoken word, man is continually making laws for himself.”

January 2024

Venus: Sagittarius → Capricorn

On the first day of January, a collective sigh of relief is likely to be heard across the globe as Mercury stations direct—although he still has yet to operate at optimum capacity as he begins his forward motion and eventually shifts back into Capricorn later this month. Later that evening, Venus, Miss Universe herself, will square Saturn, inducing a thorough review of the authentic quality and form of our value systems, especially within the context of interpersonal commitments. Potentially, this may cast an influence of a sense of heaviness, as well as a feeling of being beholden to or restricted by a loved one or a lofty ideal. How can you most effectively initiate healthy, positive shifts in your partnerships, and how can you better realign yourself for more authentic, heartfelt exchange?

Cautious, calculative, and cosmically programmed to covet and climb to corporate “heights,” Capricorn is receptive to the “hierarchies” inside—and outside—of the boardroom. Meanwhile, the coming New Moon may also ask us to consider the quality of our relationships with our father/father figures/key paternal influences (as well as our relationship to the patriarchal archetype) and how these themes have perhaps influenced our sequential evolution.

Key Dates

January 4: Mars enters calculative Capricorn.

January 10: The morning welcomes (or confronts us with) a sobering, practical New Moon in Capricorn.

January 12: Juno (asteroid of partnership) will begin her retrograde motion in the sign of Virgo.

January 23: Venus exits Sagittarius, shedding her snake-print sarong and bejeweled bustier as her lust for life becomes an appetite for accomplishment entering Capricorn.

January 24: The early afternoon welcomes a full moon in Leo — the sign of life, sunlight, warmth, creativity, luxury, joy, pleasure.

As it arrives, Leo will remind us that the secret to life is LOVE, without condition or pretense.

“Do not be anxious about tomorrow, for tomorrow will be anxious for itself. Let the day's own trouble be sufficient for the day.”

—Jesus Christ

“…When they go low, we go high.”

—First Lady Michelle Obama

“Hard times arouse an instinctive desire for authenticity.”

—Coco Chanel

February 2024

Venus: Capricorn → Aquarius

Mars:  Capricorn → Aquarius

Something especially profound is in the works this month and the delicious perfume of love is in the air, as Enchantress Venus and Hunter Mars will travel in intimate proximity, transiting both Capricorn and Aquarius as the month manifests itself. This cosmic coquetry endures throughout the entirety of February—sparks are certain to fly and intensification of feelings are likely to be experienced across the globe as this connection becomes more exact in the coming days. The evening of February 7th could potentially, for many, manifest quite magically, as we will have the Lovers, Venus and Mars (the principles of attraction and desire) & the Moon (emotional identity) in close contact. Conservative Capricorn will receive support from unconventional, forward-thinking Uranus in Taurus, also in harmonious contact with commitment-oriented Juno (asteroid of partnerships and marital unions) in Virgo, forming a Grand Earth Trine. This suggests that practicality, consistency and adaptability in our interpersonal bonds may be met with an abundant range of manifestation potential.

The dialogue of these planets induces a thorough evaluation of the “work” our relationships require of us, but also testify to the endurance of these connections as they encounter the real world (Capricorn). Uranus may also encourage us to detach from antiquated value systems. How is our sense of self or identity influenced by the structures we have established, and furthermore, how is what we have built for ourselves impacted by our partners? And vice versa…

Key Dates

February 9: Introduces to the collective a New Moon in Aquarius.

On February 13: Mars, the celestial combatant, enters Aquarius. Several days later, on the 16th, Venus, our cosmic coquette will also enter Aquarius.

February 22: Star-crossed lovers Venus and Mars rendezvous in the heavens and together they reach cruising altitude in the 7th degree of future-oriented, sky-high Aquarius, flying first-class & passionately entwined, albeit with some emotional walls up—with consideration for this sign’s penchant for “distance” as far as emotional equations are concerned.

February 24: We are under the influence of Full Moon in task-oriented Virgo (the sign of order, organization, and critical analysis). Virgo manifests itself as the process of linear thinking, the careful cataloging and processing of information and governs the principles of adjustment, improvement and adaptability.

In conclusion, we are asked to consider our influence on the world. How do our efforts, actions, intentions meet within the global portrait of evolution? What is the quality of our emotional aptitude and how are we developing our capacities (or lack thereof) to objectively manage and balance our masculine (Mars) and feminine (Venus) energies?

On a final note, I’ll share a favored quote I find most inspirational: “The quality of your attention determines the quality of other people's thinking." —N.K.

“Love tells us many things that are not so.”
—Ukrainian Proverb

“The first deception is self-deception...”

“Revolution does not begin with a group—it begins from the heart.”

“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”
—Mahatma Gandhi

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