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Selling Miami

Carenina Corr
November 14, 2023

Miami Beach: New York developers are now redeveloping and also restoring the historic Raleigh, Richmond and South Seas hotels and introducing a new 44-residence condominium, the Rosewood Residences Miami Beach. Kobi Karp and Peter Marino are the architectural brains behind the project. The Venetian Bridges are going to be demolished and rebuilt in two years. Same original style, but will involve major construction — for those interested in living on Venetian, consider buying when driving is annoying and no one else wants to.

Miami Freedom Park is officially under construction. They are going to be working fast, as they’re planning on a 2025 opening. This is where Inter Miami will play, by the way.

Downtown: Major change is coming. Word on the street is that the massive parking lots in front of Bayside will be turned into a park. The project has been in the works for a while, often sidelined in favor of the Signature Bridge debacle. Rumor also has it that accommodating this park may mean cutting one lane from Biscayne — increasing traffic, but also green space. Worthy trade off?

The Wharf is officially closing! Sorry, to those who still go. They are beginning construction soon on the Riverside Wharf development. Highlights of this include: a luxury hotel with 165 rooms, an event hall, a marina, a nightclub, and rooftop dayclub with two pools, plus a fish market.

Hotel and Restaurant Residence Towers keep coming, but they stay cringe: Baccarat, Waldorf Astoria, Mr. C, Aston Martin, Dolce & Gabbana… Beautiful buildings, but it’s no fun to make people think you live in a restaurant or a clothing store.

Coral Gables: MG Developer is building a 48-residence, Spanish-inspired community in the heart of Coral Gables. It’s going to be crazy manicured, crazy popular.

Brickell is in its awkward stage. Prediction: In 5-10 years, Brickell will solidify itself as Miami’s financial district, with residential apartments converted into office buildings. Until then, it’s run over by tech bros.

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