Gabriel Ojeda-Sague
November 14, 2023

In the palace of the flies, un episodio

en que dos, o más, rotate each other

into pieces, sink teeth, desconcertados

en concierto, a concerted effort made

in spite of the family, esa balsa de memorias

medias falsas, alive by sacrifice—

carne en poliestirino, three well-wishes,

lo que no se dice

Encontramos en ese esfuerzo, the being organized

around our not being organized, unos te-quieros

alucinados, un vaivenirse, the Pluto of our

being split open, oblated, doblados,

encarnados—carne en poliestirino, siren songs,

swan songs, lujuria, evacuation.

To you, little ribbon, lithe night, entrename,

haz de la garganta una linterna, of my palette

a sistine chapel, otherside me, recuerde que

no invento nada, que así soy poeta, that

you flow into my arms­—carne en poliestirino,

the ebb of a terrible thought, naufrago, el doble toque.

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